The genius of one, the work of many.

Founded in Turin in 1917 by Mario Zucco, IMIT (Il Manometro Italiano Torino) started as a manufacturer of manometers mostly intended for the growing automotive industry and the medical-scientific sector. In the 1950’s, thanks to several patents and technological innovations, we started the production of thermostats, which were becoming fundamental elements for the manufacturing of boilers and electric appliances.

In the 1980’s IMIT began to acquire a great deal of experience in the electronics field and soon became one of the major manufactrers firms of electronic equipment for temperature control, especially including programmable thermostats. It was also the first company in our sector to be awarded the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification in Italy.

The experience of a long-established company, the enthusiasm of a start-up.

Ever since our foundation, the dedication of IMIT turned our skills and passion into products that can fit any system or lifestyle. IMIT creates temperature controllers and limiters, indicators, sensors, controls and actuators, with the same passion we had at the start. Our work is devoted to OEM companies as much as to private users, providing ambient thermostats, programmable thermostats, gas leak detectors and electronic controllers.

We assist large manufacturers to achieve great results through our components, and entering our customers’ houses we make them cozy – through modules and regulators for fireplaces or solar panels – when they come home after a long day of work.


IMIT Control System today is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of industrial components for temperature control, equipment for thermal control and measuring, as well as systems for renewable energy sources. Our products are devoted both to businesses and – with the same passion and focus – to private customers, where the focus on improving comfort is even more important.

Product quality

Making the most of the know-how of the company and its employees, suppliers and customers, is the only way to achieve quality standards suitable to new technologies and the relentless demand for innovation. The constant goal of IMIT Control System is to achieve top quality in all production stages, as well as to offer the best solutions and timely deliveries to our customers.

Our philosophy

The challenge is tough, but we are ready to face it: new products, top quality, quick working processes, and careful, specific attention to renewable energies. Our products are the best that the thermal control industry can offer: operationally functional and user-friendly devices, integration, design and energy saving. As ever, innovation is only possible when it can rely on a strong expertise.


Imagine a boiler, an air conditioner, a washing machine, an oven, but also the water that flows from the tap at home: what would they be if their temperature couldn’t be controlled? That’s exactly the heart of our work. Our experience is our main resource. We aim to continuously grow and to consolidate our position as the industry leader through our commitment and every day work.