The IMIT brand has laid down the rules in our sector over past years with more than 70 patents and utility models. We are today among the first in our industry to have been awarded the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification and all our products are approved by the most important Italian and international certification bodies


The efficiency of a company is also dependent on the skills and organization of its customer service. At IMIT Control System customers can turn to efficient and reliable operators offering comprehensive and extensive knowledge – both in the electromechanical and electronics fields – to have answers tailored to your specific needs.


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105 years of Imit

Read on our blog the key moments of our history, our turning points, the difficulties, the challenges and the successes, what has allowed us to overcome more than a century together.

New techno wpt ot in erp class v

IMIT’s first Class V chronothermostat has arrived, compatible with Italian Ecobonus 65% or Superbonus 110%: Techno WPT OT combines programming simplicity with energy savings of approximately 4% on each bill.
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From the genius of one, to the work of many

Since 1917, the IMIT brand manufactures products that fit any system or lifestyle, from OEM companies to end users, ensuring maximum comfort and highly accurate control.

Encased temperature controllers

Immersion and surface contact control and safety thermostats. Ideal for the automatic regulation of residential buildings and industrial plants, available with IP40 or IP52 levels of protection.

Electronic boards

Electronic systems for temperature and comfort control. Electronic boards for the control of renewable energy-based systems. Also available for customized products.

Capillary bulb thermostats and instruments

Control and safety thermostats, thermometers, pressure gauges and thermo pressure gauges with liquid expansion probe for boilers, domestic appliances and systems which require temperature and pressure control.

IMIT is the new solution today
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